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Cardiologist with patient
What can I do to prepare to have my hypertension taken? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

There are no special preparations required when having a blood pressure test completed. You may want to wear a short-sleeved shirt to your doctor’s appointment, so the nurse or doctor will have an easier time performing the blood pressure test. Your arm needs to be readily available to complete the check. Other than that, your doctor may want to focus on your high blood pressure during an appointment. If this is the case, you should use the toilet beforehand, avoid

Cardiologist with patient
What are some components of healthy stress management? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

A healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating, exercising often, and forming good sleeping habits. Such practices are good for everybody. Physical activity, believe it or not, is an excellent way to deal with excess stress in your life. Managing stress can sometimes feel like a losing battle, especially in today’s busy world. People often turn to the wrong methods to handle their pressure. Instead, you should involve fun, relaxation, and time for a social life in your daily routine. Everyone needs

Cardiologist with patient
What are some of the FAQs that people in New Hyde Park might have about your services? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

Patients often have questions and concerns about their health. We have gathered the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. If you don’t see the answer to your question located there, be sure to contact our office at to speak with our physicians.

Cardiologist with patient
How should I prepare for the exercise stress test? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

Your heart specialist may ask you not to eat, drink, or smoke for up to two hours before the test is administered. If you are curious, you should ask your doctor whether or not to avoid caffeine or certain medications that you may be taking. These medications may negatively interfere with certain exercise stress tests. It is better to be safe than sorry, so you should ask whatever questions you need to before the trial date. If you regularly use