Finding the Right Exercise for Heart Health

Exercise for Heart Health New Hyde Park NYExercise is a simple but powerful way to keep your heart healthy and improve overall wellbeing. Physical exercise covers three core areas: aerobic conditioning, strength, and flexibility. No physical activity program is one-size-fits-all, however. Some people need more strength training, while others should focus more on building aerobic capacity. Talk to your doctor to figure out how, and how much, you should be exercising.

Activities for Aerobic Conditioning

Any activity that raises your heart rate beyond a resting level can help your aerobic conditioning and improve your cardiovascular health.

Depending upon your current condition, your doctor will recommend an appropriate level of aerobic exercise. Some people might benefit from mild exertion, such as 20-minute walks twice a week, while others might complete more vigorous activities, such as running or swimming. Work with your doctor to determine the type, duration, and intensity of aerobic activities that will fit your needs.

Activities for Strength

Weight-bearing activities, such as weight lifting, resistance band exercises, and yoga, build strength and improve muscle tone. Some of these exercises can also increase your heart rate, leading to improved heart health.

Activities for Flexibility

By making other physical activities easier, any effort to keep your muscles and joints flexible can support improved heart health. In addition to helping you build strength, yoga, pilates, and aqua fit classes can help you maintain flexibility.

We Can Help You Create Your Plan

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