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3 Great Exercises You Can Do in Long Island For Heart Health Posted by Contributor

Most people spend time at the gym to lose weight or gain a better physical appearance overall. Well, exercise has the added benefits of reducing stress and improving heart-health. The important part is selecting the right exercises, though. There are simply too many to sift through. These three great exercises have proven rather effective for heart health! Aerobic Exercise Aerobic exercise helps to improve circulation, which further results in lowered blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, this form of

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Top 4 Activities for Stress Management in Long Island Posted by Contributor

Anyone who has ever been consumed by stress understands the need for an outlet or useful techniques. Stress management is key for a healthier heart. After all, stress can cause serious health complications. Anyone who lives a high-stress life, or doesn’t get enough time to themselves, may risk complications. Let’s avoid them together and undergo stress management that works and is fun! Breathing Exercises There is a reason why so many experts recommend breathing exercises for stress management. Deep breathing

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Office to close at 12 noon 3/21/2018 Posted by Brookhaven Heart

Due to worsening weather conditions all 3 office locations, Patchogue, New Hyde Park and Hicksville will close at 12 noon today.

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5 Common Coronary Artery Disease Medications and What They Do Posted by Contributor

These days, anyone suffering from coronary artery disease visits a physician promptly. Taking care of your heart is crucial, and the right medication can make all the difference. These five coronary artery disease medications have proven quite effective at treating symptoms. Some work better than others, of course. You’ll wish to speak with your doctor regarding which medication would best benefit your needs. Antiplatelets When it comes to sealing wounds and preventing bleeding, blood platelets, known as thrombocytes, help to