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Cardiologist with patient
How Often Should I Check my Pacemaker? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

While living with arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), your doctor may recommend a pacemaker to help regulate your heart. Your pacemaker requires a helping hand, though. Occasionally, you’ll have to make sure your pacemaker is accurately controlling your heart rate by scheduling a checkup. Your doctor will inspect the pacemaker and provide continued support and treatment, even after it’s been installed for months or years. The Early Days with Your Pacemaker Shortly after your pacemaker is installed, your doctor will sit down

Cardiologist with patient
What Are the Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure in Women? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

When it comes to high blood pressure (or hypertension), you may not know you have it. Nearly one-third of patients with high blood pressure never learn about their condition. The only surefire way to diagnose hypertension is through regular blood pressure checkups. Therefore, it’s crucial that you attend regular screenings, especially as you age. In extreme cases, you’ll start to notice the symptoms of high blood pressure without a diagnosis. By then, the condition has seriously worsened. Of course, treatment

Cardiologist with patient
Is Exercise Enough to Have a Healthy Heart? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

It’s recommended that everyone (both adults and children) log at least 2.5 hours of heart-healthy exercise every week. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t dedicating that amount of time to physical activity. We lead busy lives filled with work, family duties, and social obligations. As a result, it’s easy for our exercise routines to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, being active is more important than most people realize. Exercise can help you feel more energetic and positive, think clearly, and even

Cardiologist with patient
How to Choose a Cardiologist Posted by Brookhaven Heart

When the time comes to find a local cardiologist, it’s crucial to select one with experience that matches your condition. You’ll want a doctor who communicates well and who has the knowledge to actively work on improving your health. Needing a cardiologist ASAP can cloud your judgment and make you choose just anyone. Generally, your cardiologist will be recommended by your primary care doctor. However, we have a few more tips and tricks to find the perfect cardiologist nearby if