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The Importance of Regular Checkups for a Healthy Heart Posted by Brookhaven Heart

Your heart is quite powerful. Over time, it can take a beating, though. The importance of regular health checkups is not lost on most people, but the issue is that most simply do not have the time. They feel something else is more important, though there is nothing more important than your heart health. By scheduling a regular checkup for your heart, you protect yourself from ailments that can have severe consequences. Depending on your health, you should schedule a

Cardiologist with patient
How to Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally Posted by Brookhaven Heart

It is never too early to start prioritizing your cholesterol and overall heart health – especially if it’s something that runs in your family. If your current cholesterol levels are not too high, but you would like them to be lower, we have great news for you. According to Harvard Health, there are several easy, natural ways in which you can lower your cholesterol – just by changing up what you eat! When you eat a healthy diet and have

Cardiologist with patient
How to Keep Your Heart Healthy Posted by Brookhaven Heart

It is never too early to start prioritizing your heart health. Many people believe that cardiac conditions like coronary artery disease or others primarily affect older generations. That thinking would be incorrect; these days, of the 1 in 3 Americans that have heart disease, more and more are middle-aged and even younger. Plaque can start to accumulate in your arteries as young as childhood and adolescence, and with the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, and genetic dispositions, heart conditions are becoming

Cardiologist with patient
Heart Disease: Symptoms and Causes Posted by Brookhaven Heart

Heart disease is something that we all have heard of, and that is for good reason. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death for adults in the United States, and has the potential to affect many age groups, not just senior citizens. But, what you may not know is that coronary heart disease and coronary artery disease are actually the same thing; when plaque builds up in the artery walls and narrows the blood’s passageway to the heart,