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Common signs its time to consider getting a stress test - Brookhaven Heart, Patchogue, New Hyde Park or Hicksville, New York
What is a Stress Test & Why Do You Need to Get One? Posted by Brookhaven Heart

While our bodies are equipped to handle stressors (both mental and physical) that negatively affect our heart, prolonged occurrences can lead to numerous health issues, including increased blood pressure or other underlying heart conditions. If you have or are currently experiencing irregularities or concerns with your heart, then your cardiologist might suggest a stress test to diagnose certain medical conditions. With this diagnosis, they can then suggest preventative health measures that you can implement on a daily basis. What Happens

Find out how to live longer by quitting smoking - Brookhaven Heart, Patchogue, New Hyde Park or Hicksville, New York
The Life-Saving Benefits of Quitting Smoking Today Posted by Brookhaven Heart

Smoking cigarettes can lead to a wide range of serious health issues. Decreased heart health, reduced vision, and increased risk of cancer are just a few of the negative impacts of smoking cigarettes. The good news is that when you quit smoking, your body can begin to heal that day. Enjoy Immediate Benefits When You Quit Smoking Cigarettes Whether you choose to use nicotine replacements, join a support group, learn about withdrawal symptoms, or simply quit without aid, there are

Cardiologist with patient
Does Walking Daily Improve Heart Health and Longevity? Posted by Contributor

Taking a short 15- to 30-minute walk every day could help keep your heart healthy. Learn more about how exactly daily walking or engaging in some other type of physical exercise improves your cardiovascular health. Daily Walking and Regular Exercise Increases the Efficiency of Your Heart While you are walking or engaging in some type of physical exercise, your heart is working harder than when you are at rest. The harder your heart works, the higher your heart rate and blood

Cardiologist with patient
3 Ways to Reduce Stress When You Feel an Attack Coming On Posted by Contributor

Did you know that high stress levels can lead to high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, and even a heart attack? Whether you are experiencing stress due to your home life or challenges at work, too much stress can negatively impact your cardiovascular health, which is why you need to create and stick to a stress management plan. Understanding the Impact of Stress on Your Heart High amounts of stress can cause you to feel anxious, weaken your immune system, and