Ankle-Brachial Index Test

Ankle-Brachial Index Test

A Noninvasive Way to Monitor Blood Flow to the Extremities

ankle brachial index testIn peripheral arterial disease or PAD, the rate of blood flow to the arms and legs is compromised, resulting in an elevated risk of heart attacks or strokes. At Brookhaven Heart, we offer a non-invasive method of identifying PAD: the ankle-brachial index test.

What Happens in an Ankle-Brachial Index Test?

An ankle-brachial index test, also referred to as an ABI test, measures and compares blood pressure from a patient’s arms and ankles. Often, doctors ask patients to take one ABI test at rest and another after spending five minutes on a treadmill.

Benefits of an ABI Test

In addition to facilitating diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease, an ABI test can help your doctor monitor your progress after stenting or other treatments. You can complete an ABI test in just one office visit, making the procedure a simple but effective way to identify and address potential problems. Your cardiologist might combine your ABI test with a carotid ultrasound, which offers additional diagnostic capabilities.

What is a normal ABI?

An ankle-brachial index (ABI) is the ratio of the blood pressure at the ankle to the blood pressure in the upper arm. An ABI test functions by measuring and comparing blood pressure from a patient’s ankles and arms to determine if a patient has peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

So, what’s a normal ABI rate? According to most doctors, a normal rate is between 1.0 to 1.4 – if this is the result of your ABI test, it suggests that you don’t have any potentially problematic blockages in your blood flow.

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