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Detection Tool for Carotid Blockages

Carotid DopplerThe carotid artery transports blood from your heart to your brain. Any blockage or clot in the carotid artery, therefore, is extremely dangerous. Brookhaven Heart doctors use an advanced imaging tool called the Carotid Doppler to take an ultrasound of this critical pathway and identify problems before they lead to deadly results.

The Heart-Brain Connection

To reach the brain, fresh oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood travels up from the heart through the right and left carotid arteries in the front of your neck. If anything blocks or constricts your carotid arteries, your brain may not receive enough blood to function, which dramatically increases your risk of stroke.

How Ultrasound Technology Helps

The Carotid Doppler features a transducer that your cardiologist uses to measure sound wave activity within the carotid walls. The transducer picks up pitch changes caused by shifts in the movement of blood cells, including a slowing or stopping.

The Carotid Doppler sends data to a computer, where medical experts can evaluate the resulting images to assess blood flow at key locations in the carotid artery. The ultrasound technology helps doctors detect dangerous blockages and clots early, so they can take action to prevent strokes or other complications.

The Procedure

A carotid doppler ultrasound test, which is a type of imaging test, uses ultrasound technology to detect potential blockages in arteries. During the procedure, a technician will ask you to lie on an exam table and will place an ultrasound probe on your neck. A transducer will measure the sound wave activity taking place within your carotid wall — it can determine the speed of your blood flow. Images from this test will then appear on a monitor. This data will be reviewed, and a report will be sent to your doctor. If you have questions about this procedure, feel free to get in touch with Brookhaven Heart today!

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